< Back to Recipes September 24, 2020

Muniq’s Power Ginger-Lemon Hot Tea Recipe

By Muniq Team

Behold, the power of ginger, lemon and Muniq in one beautiful hot drink concoction. 

Ginger, known for centuries to decrease inflammation and soothe the stomach, combines with the ultimate morning pick-me-up of lemon…and then partners with Muniq for a blood-sugar lowering kick that will actually fill you up until lunch.

This is something your normal cup of tea just can’t accomplish.

Enjoy on any chilly morning or as a nightcap — you can’t go wrong either way with this combo.



  • Steep Lemon Ginger Tea in hot water for 3- 5 minutes
  • Add it to your blender
  • Add 1 scoop of Muniq Vanilla Crème
  • Blend for 10-15 seconds
  • Top with a slice of lemon and ginger puree or lemon zest

A picture of tea in a yellow mug with ginger